A downloadable game

For the unexpanded Commodore VIC-20 / C16 / C116 / Plus4.

After a long battle, your castle is about to be conquered. 

Defend your castle by throwing stones at the attacking knights, who want to use ladders to reach the battlements of it.

You get one point for each enemy repulsed.

The game ends when one of them has reached the battlements.

You can only throw one stone at a time.

It is controlled with the Joystick. 

With the fire button both the stone is thrown and the game started.


Castle Attack.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

Click download to get a D64-File. You can play it on the WinVice-Emulator (xvic).

Set the VIC20-Settings to "No expansion memory" before you load the game.

Activate Joystick in Port 1 -> Settings -> Joystick settings -> Joystick settings -> Joystick #1 (Choose the key assignment you prefer)

In the menu choose File -> Autostart disk/tape image -> Drive 8 -> Castle Attack.d64