A downloadable game

For the unexpanded Commodore VIC-20.

Escape from the cave with your
yellow spaceship.

Collect keycards to open the door.

Do not collide with the walls or the enemy ship. Weapons are here non-functional.

You will get one point by every move you take, 50 points for a keycard
and 100 points if you enter the next level.

In the first level you must get one keycard to open the door, in the second you need two and so on. The speed is faster in higher levels.

W = up, X = down, A = left, D = right, press spacebar to start the game.

Release date Jun 03, 2018
Tags8-Bit, Escape Game, VIC-20
Average sessionA few minutes


Escape.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

Click download to get a D64-File. You can play it on the WinVice-Emulator (xvic).

Set the VIC20-Settings to
"No expansion memory" before you
load the game.

In the menu
choose File -> Autostart disk/tape image
-> Drive 8 -> Escape.d64