A downloadable game

Fire is a multi-screen Game with three different scenes for the  Commodore VIC-20 with 3k Memory expansion, written in 100 % assembly.

Originally, the game was released in 2019 in a boxed version on floppy disk by Double Sided Games. 

The aim of the game

You’re working by the fire station, and have to rescue victims from the burning houses.

1. The city map

You see the map of the city, and in the right-down corner is the fire station, where you start the rescue operation with the fire engine.

Move to the mark on the burning house. If you’re too slow, you’re lose a life.

2. The road

On the road, you drive with the fire engine to the burning house.

Avoid the traffic and the road sides. The length of the route, depends on the distance, from the fire station to the burning house.

If you collide, you will lose a life and start again from the fire station.

3. The house

When you arrive at the house, you control two firefighters who have to save between ten and fourteen people with the net. 

You lose a life, when you collide with the falling victims, or when they land to the ground.  

For every rescued victim you get one point. 

When all victims rescued, it starts again at the next day on the city map, with the next rescue operation, with a slight speed increase.


FIRE.D64 170 kB

Install instructions

Click download to get a D64-File. You can play it on the WinVice-Emulator (xvic).

Set the VIC20-Settings to "3K (block 0)" before you load the game.

Activate Joystick in Port 1 -> Settings -> Joystick settings -> Joystick settings -> Joystick #1 (Choose the key assignment you prefer)

In the menu choose File -> Autostart disk/tape image -> Drive 8 -> FIRE.D64