A downloadable game

This is an arcade game with 40 different stages (Demo contains only two stages) for the Commodore VIC-20 with 8k Memory expansion, written in 100 % assembly.

Joystick required.

The game

After a long mission on the way back to earth, you will pass a black hole that drains almost all of the energy from your spaceship.

Fortunately, a dilapidated energy store from a long-lost star empire is within reach.

The energy storage is divided into 40 stages, which has long since been abandoned, but is still guarded by three drones per stage.

Your task is to collect all the energy cells with your shuttle and avoid the drones. For safety reasons, the builders of the energy storage system installed two transporters per stage, which are shown in the form of pulsating squares, and when touched, the three drones are beamed back to their starting point.

The game elements

The bonus stage

Always after stage 9, 18, 27 and 36 you have the chance to get a shuttle in a bonus stage. The demo version is limited to two stages, this is only included in the full version.

If you want to publish the full version of my game on cassette, please contact me by mail. rainerkappler72@googlemail.com

Updated 10 days ago
Release date Aug 20, 2021
Tags8-Bit, commodore-vic-20, VIC-20


SQUAROID - Demo.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

You can play it on the WinVice-Emulator (xvic).  Set the VIC20-Settings to "8k (Block 1)" before you load the game.

Activate Joystick in Port 1 -> Settings

-> Joystick settings -> Joystick settings

-> Joystick #1 (Choose the key assignment you prefer)

In the menu choose File -> Attach disk/tape image -> Drive 8 -> SQUAROID - DEMO.d64

Type in “LOAD “SQUAROID-DEMO”,8 and hit return.

When it has been loaded, you must type in "RUN" and hit return.